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My 20th Birthday!!

Ahh, my 20th birthday arrived!

Happy Birthday to myself! Ahha…

What’s my feeling of turning into 20? I feel excited and at the same time, a bit sad. I’m excited because it’s my birthday of course and it’s the first time my age begins with digit 2!! Continue reading “My 20th Birthday!!”

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I have been wanting to write about it since long.But then I start to tremble.I finally collected enough courage to begin to write about it.

So just like last year, and the year before that, this New Year’s Eve, I didn’t celebrate
new year this time too..

December 31st,12:00 a.m.

I was busy wishing my friends, attending phone calls. A message popped up on my Facebook page.

Everything after that felt like slow-motion.

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Hello!! New Me 😉

It’s after 2 months that I’m posting something on my blog.

Yes!I’m alive.🙈

Yes, I went away for an extended holiday to my homeland and I was in full intention of posting regularly.But sadly nothing like that happened.I don’t know what happened except that I was literally in a different world.

I got lazy.(and this is an understatement!)

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Grab the jhumkas which goes well with all your ethnic outfit:

We are girls  and we never have enough of everything :p we  can never stop ourselves from buying that extra pair of clothes or accessories we love .. so this time buy some extra pair of jhumkas. These are worn with ethnic outfits and can also be matched with fusion  This  wedding and festive season ditch the ordinary and get something extra-outstanding from our favorite picks of fun festive accessories that you can wear with your gorgeous outfits! and  believe me that fits in your budget 😉 Continue reading “Grab the jhumkas which goes well with all your ethnic outfit:”

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The lip colors you must have to rock every event.. in your budget!!!!!

                 They say whenever in doubt wear red lipstick !

And i say whenever in doubt just wear the lipstick you love. lip colors are something that add a dash of confidence and boldness to your personality , that defines your skin tone and of-course a savior in a dull boring day. you can forget your mascara or blush but it’s definitely okay when you have bold colors of lipshades handy . Continue reading “The lip colors you must have to rock every event.. in your budget!!!!!”

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It’s time for farewell saree

        Ohh!!Farewell season it is.Wear a saree which can make you feel confident,make you feel comfortable,and well it can also make other girls feel jealous 😛 because your co-mates will always talk about how you looked on your farewell,when you will meet them that time also..most of them will recognize you by that only…So girl!wear a trendy saree .Base of the saree should be according to your comfort level,indeed its for the farewell party…dance is must if you wanna dance..and probably it ‘s the first time you will be wearing a saree,choose your saree to be light weighted;not too heavy..plain work..plain border..keep that in mind. Continue reading “It’s time for farewell saree”