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Bionic Girl:”A Life Without Pain”

Meet Olivia Farnsworth, the girl who doesn’t experience hunger, fatigue, or pain.

Doctors have called this seven-year-old girl with a rare disorder the “bionic girl” because she doesn’t feel pain and never feels tired or hungry.

Olivia’s mum Niki Trepak, 32, said: “Doctors have called her the bionic girl, she’s made of steel.


  • She has a rare chromosomal disorder known as  a chromosome 6 deletion. It is estimated that there are about 100 people in the world with the chromosome 6 deletion of the type that she has. However, doctors believe that Olivia may be the only person in the world to exhibit all three symptoms of not feeling hunger, fatigue or pain.
  • She has stayed awake for three nights before
  • She doesn’t ever feel hungry and needs to be forced by her mother to eat. An incredibly picky eater, she survived on butter sandwiches for an entire year.
  • She was involved in a car accident in which she was run over by a car and dragged for 10 car lengths. This left her with a tyre mark on her chest, and no skin on her toe and hip. But the 7 year old didn’t even flinch, having gotten up right after the car stopped and walked to her mother as if nothing had happened.
Mum Niki Trepak says her daughter has “no sense of danger”


A “Super Hero” indeed!

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