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S(he) couldn’t!

               It was February 14th.Jane knew what that meant,and definitely didn’t bode well with her.She shoved the last of her clothes in the suitcase that was too full.The only item left to be packed was an old photograph framed in simple black,the one that meant world for her.She tenderly lifted it off the bare table,the longer she held it,the more she remembered him….them.

The woman shook her head.She couldn’t afford anymore distraction now.Their time was done.She quickly zipped her suitcase shut and placed the picture in her handbag before closing the door of her apartment forever.

Red roses,red streamers,chocolates,gifts,paper hearts,glitters, and worst of all,gooey love.Just before 2 years,how lovely these words were for her.Every where she went,she seemed to see couples making out openly in public,or stupid advertisements plastered on billboards and shop windows.She was walking down one of the crowded streets of Newyork,Since it seemed all partners wanted to go out and have a romantic lunch together.

Groaning,the woman pulled her jacket tighter around her and gripped her suitcase firmly before rushing towards the street to flag down a taxi.She didn’t hear the clatter of the photograph as it slipped from the handbag.
“Excuse me miss!” a gentleman cried from behind her.She heard footsteps jogging towards her and turned to see what it was he wanted.”I believe you dropped-”
A small gasp left the woman’s mouth.”Joey?”she asked quietly. Silence descended as the man stared at the photograph he had rescued from the walkway.

“Jane? i… wow…” Joey stuttered. he was absolutely speechless. It had been years since he last spoke to her and they hadn’t ended on good terms. In fact, she said that she never wanted to see him again. he awkwardly shuffled his feet, trying to think of a casual way to start a conversation. “so… how have you been,Jan..?” The couple continued to be drenched in water before his gazed moved up to her face.
Jane’s POV :
                     How could Jane talk to that guy ,for whom she lost everything; she lost her job,her dream to be with him every time,forever.That guy who After about her second chemo treatment… quit going hospital , choosing to stay home and “help” his mom.She took time to think, to soul search, to talk to a therapist, and to make a plan. She did not beat cancer to live so miserably! To spend her life with someone who had it in them to cheat while she was fighting for her life for herself and for them !! This was not the life she was fighting to live…

I’m sorry ,She’s died 2 years ago of cancer” she said as she swung her suitcase into the taxi. Her wet hair clung to her face from the rain but she pushed it away delicately with one hand, revealing her electric yellow eyes. The eyes that had captured joey’s heart the moment he met her. He almost had to force himself not to cup her face in his own hands like he used to.

PS:Just a random idea that came to me…Thanks for reading 🙂


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