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Those pretty earrings you need to own :

We can never have enough of them. Can we ?

Well i am talking about earrings. Those little things dangling from the ears, They are easy to carry off and look so pretty resting on the ears. Go big or go small, either way choose to wear some pretty earrings always. I actually don’t like those sparkly looks with lots of jewellery but i am just crazy about earrings . So i never forget to choose the correct pairs to jazz up my look , cause  i know those little things are enough to add that extra oomph factor.

So here i am talking about some of those charming things that are  affordable for everyone and  absolutely adorable and YOU need to own them right now.

1. Cuff or lobe Earrings:

I am talking about them first cause these are in fashion and they are here to stay a while. and i absolutely love them . Grab these  ones to add a different element to your already amazing personality!  I must say you  can wear these  with your day to day clothes too like me  to make them look trendy . Also these can give a good kickstart to your festive season.Make sure you mix and match them perfectly for a trendy look.


This is the  one my brother has gifted me. Actually he had ordered them from snapdeal and these gorgeous black one goes well  with  both my eastern and western outfits.


Or you may choose smaller studs like this for  perfect look.

2.Go-Silver :


“I wore these earrings to my cousin’s reception and I loved how they complimented the subtle colors of my anarkali.” you can also pair them with  kurtas, salwars or sarees.

some more silver 😉











3.Feathery things :



I picked these feminine funky things cause they have been a popular choice for most college goers. They not only look adorable but completes the look in more ways than one.


Saw these vibrant color in amazon  and thinking of ordering this one too.  :p

4.Funky :

These will  give you a bold but chic look and these type of earrings  can be paired of with absolutely anything.



5.Filigree earrings:

These are extremely eye catching and fanciful. These earrings that are mostly available in gold and silver, are the best accessories for your maxi dresses or long skirts.



So this’s all about today .. Hope you people liked it.

Feel free to play with designs, colors, sizes and shapes. When paired with the appropriate outfit, these give a tremendous look and make a stunning style statement

AND Don’t forget to give reviews .

thank you ❤

lots of love .



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