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It’s time for farewell saree

        Ohh!!Farewell season it is.Wear a saree which can make you feel confident,make you feel comfortable,and well it can also make other girls feel jealous 😛 because your co-mates will always talk about how you looked on your farewell,when you will meet them that time also..most of them will recognize you by that only…So girl!wear a trendy saree .Base of the saree should be according to your comfort level,indeed its for the farewell party…dance is must if you wanna dance..and probably it ‘s the first time you will be wearing a saree,choose your saree to be light weighted;not too heavy..plain work..plain border..keep that in mind.


             For those of you who like to play it safe,a simple black and white saree paired with a contrast white color printed blouse with elbow length sleeves and bandh gala would be a good bet. Go for non-traditional jewellery and a pair of sexy, strappy sandals.


         When in doubt, wear black, black, and only black.what an elegant look to pull off with side bun and flower!


       Appeal the word “wow” with your stunning look as you drape this amazing saree!Navy Blue is just amazing.Don’t go overboard with accessories. Play up with hues of silver or gold to add a touch of glitter and glam!


        Wearing a sari is a task – I know. And if you add to that some makeup, hair, jewellery and heels  – it can become the perfect recipe for a nightmare. Coming to your rescue is a sari gown, which is basically a pre-stitched sari and is worn just like a dress – the best option when you want to let your hair down without a worry in the world. Go for non-traditional jewellery and shoes to complement the sari gown.


             One’s youth is sadly not a lifelong companion, so go out there and experiment – try out new things, take the unconventional route. And what better day to start than the end of school time-believe me you will have lots of fun doing it.You will look very dainty and pretty in this light blue saree.The chevron printed blouse will add an Indo-Western touch to your outfit.Add some edgy accessories and you’re all set to rock and roll! 😉

              When you find the right Saree, don’t you forget to get a nice hairstyle and make-up, else no matter how good the Saree is, you might be few steps away from your goal.

So, Farewell in style and do that look with utter perfection 🙂


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