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Happy Birthday!

May be I will be the first to admit that I suck in person and on the phone in expressing my feelings and being all mushy. I am so much better at putting pen to paper or my fingers to the keyboard and spilling out my thoughts. So because of this, I am doing this post as part of a Happy Birthday gift to my best friend Abhipsha.🙂

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Dearest Abhi,

Wish you a very happy , joyous and an auspicious Birthday.Three cheers🙂

It feels like yesterday when we became friends.It’s been more than two years.Two years of awesomeness. Two years of learning. Two years of growing up and finally loads of memories. Memories that are reminiscent of every moment spent together. Moments that will always be cherished.

Here’s to the



Gossip we SPILL,

LOOKS that could KILL,


because we’re


What fun times we’ve spent together.Bearing boring lectures by eating biscuits and chips during classes,making up stupid stories,listening to your out of the world dreams,making never ever possible plans,last minute exam preparations… 😉  my god I can just go on and on. I have a whole slideshow going in my head right now.

The all time bhukkad😝😝

Thanks for everything. Every single thing. Thanks for trusting me . Thanks for I just cannot thank you enough.

I wish you all the positivity and success in the world. I hope that you find happiness in the mundane. I hope that you find adventures everywhere you look, and that you can travel to the places that you want to see (and that I can come along sometimes)! I hope that you’re able to go where you want to go and be who you want to be. Never change your essential ‘self’ – Never. Just learn and grow and most importantly ‘let go’ of anything that is not worth it.

I love you, girl! Thanks for being my best friend . Here’s to many more to come!

Keep rising and shining always

Lots of love ❤ ❤




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