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I have been wanting to write about it since long.I finally collected enough courage to begin to write about it.

So just like last year, and the year before that, this New Year’s Eve, I didn’t celebrate
new year this time too..

December 31st,12:00 a.m.

I was busy wishing my friends, attending phone calls. A message popped up on my Facebook page.

Everything after that felt like slow-motion.

The message read that ” our classmate ******** is gone forever from this world.We all will miss her.”

A big part of me wanted to believe it was just a hallucination. That may be It’s a prank, that I’ll meet her again whenever I’ll visit my hometown.*sigh*

And I wish she was still here. I wish I could bring her back. But I can’t.

All I can do is perhaps convince you to stay.

Nobody should feel the need to take their life at 17.

Long walks, soft blankets, cotton candy, books you never get tired of, your favorite song, big block parties, chocolate cake, roller coasters, prank wars, snowball fights, cat videos, Game of Thrones, magic shows, skate parks, ethnic food, the beach, double dates, birthdays, fancy dinners, corny jokes, swimming in the open ocean, funny selfies, flowers, pride parades, Internet friends, road trips, picnics,  playing fetch your dog, bonfires, holidays and anniversaries, sunshine, dank memes, museums, awesome outfits, ice cream, aquariums, learning new things, helping others, seeing someone you know after a long time, finding love in unexpected places, friends who appreciate you and all your little quirks and flaws, families that keep you warm on cold nights, random acts of kindness, well-earned victories, the kind of hope that makes people wake up in the morning, relaxing after a long day, the satisfaction of justice, laughing until you cry and forget all your worries.

There are so much things to do in life.

No matter what you’ve done, no matter who you are, no-one will be better off without you.

I’m not here to tell you what to do with your life. It’s up to you. All I want to do is tell you what really happens to those of us left behind.

Sleep on it. Wait until tomorrow. Call someone. Talk.

Stay alive. We need you. We love you more than you’ll ever know.<3


6 thoughts on “#StopSuicide

  1. I feel your pain. I went through a similar situation a few years ago. There is so much to live for. It’s so sad that this happens. I give you my never ending support though this comment and with my heart. #stop suicide (well said)

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