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My 20th Birthday!!

My 20th birthday arrived!

What’s my feeling of turning into 20? I feel excited and at the same time, a bit sad. I’m excited because it’s my birthday of course and it’s the first time my age begins with digit 2!!


I feel sad because it’s a sign of getting older and older, and sometimes I feel much happier going back to childhood times where everything is less to worry and stress for.

So, by now, I have been on this world for exactly two decades 😛 (That is not a very long period of time though….)

But I do seriously learn from the past, from how childish I am when I was kid or even teen, how innocent I am before to now, present: …..when I started to be more careful, considerate, learn to let go, and thinks positively. That’s a good thing right?

Birthday wish? Hmm…

When I was kid, all I was wishing every year was getting good grades for examination.(Nerdy Me!!..)

Now, I have to say I’m a bit greedy already. I’m wishing for more wishes that would come true! Haha…

It would be too generous wishing for world peace and freedom which myself as an individual can’t do much things about it…so basically, my wish would be….…

won’t tell…haha…

As I sit here typing up this post, I think back at what I’ve experienced in the past 20 years…memories of a bygone age and not too distant memories still so real in my mind. I’m lucky to have few regrets. But this is not a time to mull over melancholic times. If anything, birthdays show us that there’s always a road ahead. May it light the path forward and allow us to become stronger. After all, bad experiences are still experiences right? As for the good things, cherish them and never let them go 🙂

P.S.  Thank you to everyone reading this post!  You are making my birthday extra special by being a part of this blog.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and now I’m finally here with over 1500 views. 🙂  ❤

6 thoughts on “My 20th Birthday!!

  1. Oh wow ! after harassing so many innocent souls to wish her ON time someone is wishing herself Happy Bday lol lol.
    OMG!! this comment is going to be posted under “wanna kill u when you said”.:P

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