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Those pretty earrings you need to own :

We can never have enough of them. Can we ?

Well i am talking about earrings. Those little things dangling from the ears, They are easy to carry off and look so pretty resting on the ears. Go big or go small, either way choose to wear some pretty earrings always. I actually don’t like those sparkly looks with lots of jewellery but i am just crazy about earrings . So i never forget to choose the correct pairs to jazz up my look , cause  i know those little things are enough to add that extra oomph factor. Continue reading “Those pretty earrings you need to own :”

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Holi:The festival of colors

The unusually warm winter is melting into summer and falling in the cusp of this yearly weather transition  Holi — a heady festival of color and laughter.Holi is considered as second biggest festival on Hindu calendar after Diwali. Continue reading “Holi:The festival of colors”

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S(he) couldn’t!

               It was February 14th.Jane knew what that meant,and definitely didn’t bode well with her.She shoved the last of her clothes in the suitcase that was too full.The only item left to be packed was an old photograph framed in simple black,the one that meant world for her.She tenderly lifted it off the bare table,the longer she held it,the more she remembered him….them. Continue reading “S(he) couldn’t!”

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Beat the heat: “casual summer looks”

As summer is here  in full swing, and that means it’s time to play around with your style quotient. The heat is unbearable, the sun’s rays are way too harsh, and it can get a bit sweaty at times & that’s why you need major style changes during this time of the year.And as i saw the  new summer arrivals are heating up the market and  online sales in “jabong” and “koovs” are insisting me to add some new cotton clothes to my wardrobe so i thought of writing about some”cool casual looks ” in this summer 😉 Continue reading “Beat the heat: “casual summer looks””

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Bionic Girl:”A Life Without Pain”

Meet Olivia Farnsworth, the girl who doesn’t experience hunger, fatigue, or pain.

Doctors have called this seven-year-old girl with a rare disorder the “bionic girl” because she doesn’t feel pain and never feels tired or hungry.

Olivia’s mum Niki Trepak, 32, said: “Doctors have called her the bionic girl, she’s made of steel. Continue reading “Bionic Girl:”A Life Without Pain””

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Indianize your outfit!-Go fusion

Being Indian we love our anarkalis, lahengas, sarees ,kurtis & all  those blingy and glittery things ,but this now generation has also embraced a fancy western touches to our desi ensembles,and now we have something called ‘Indo-Western’ wear, which is very much “IN” this season.That is nothing but a beautiful fusion of elements from Indian fashion and adding western spice to it. Now, this style has travelled long from just combining an ethnic ‘kurta’ with ‘jeans’. Continue reading “Indianize your outfit!-Go fusion”

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#Unfair and Lovely:Who Said ‘DARK’ is not ‘LOVELY’?

Our culture has been obsessed with fair skin since we don’t even know how long. If modern-day fairness creams advertisements are anything to go by, we need fair skin for getting the perfect job, becoming successful or even to get a good groom. Continue reading “#Unfair and Lovely:Who Said ‘DARK’ is not ‘LOVELY’?”