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The lip colors you must have to rock every event.. in your budget!!!!!

                 They say whenever in doubt wear red lipstick !

And i say whenever in doubt just wear the lipstick you love. lip colors are something that add a dash of confidence and boldness to your personality , that defines your skin tone and of-course a savior in a dull boring day. you can forget your mascara or blush but it’s definitely okay when you have bold colors of lipshades handy . Continue reading “The lip colors you must have to rock every event.. in your budget!!!!!”

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Those pretty earrings you need to own :

We can never have enough of them. Can we ?

Well i am talking about earrings. Those little things dangling from the ears, They are easy to carry off and look so pretty resting on the ears. Go big or go small, either way choose to wear some pretty earrings always. I actually don’t like those sparkly looks with lots of jewellery but i am just crazy about earrings . So i never forget to choose the correct pairs to jazz up my look , cause  i know those little things are enough to add that extra oomph factor. Continue reading “Those pretty earrings you need to own :”