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Anxious,Panicked or Scared!

Yay, important life-altering things are about to happen!My result will be out in some hours 😦

Since last 15 days I’m waking up every morning thinking about my results.but i keep realizing that I have at least  few more days to be nervous 😉 But in the evening I came to know that results will be out tonight.

I don’t know how to feel feelings anymore.How is it possible to feel both euphoria and apathy?




Why is everyone talking about what they wrote for their answers?I don’t want to hear all the things I didn’t even  remember to mention.

Can’t just explain how many things are running in my head.But I’m completely ready to explain how the exams were marked very harshly or  that the invigilators were distracting and frankly, it’s not surprising that I didn’t do well blah,blah,blah…

Or basically any excuse at all.Really ,anything.

Everyone you know won’t stop asking me about them,and it is not helping stress levels.I’ve started to read up on people who did amazingly at life,without needing to pass all the exams. Mark Zukerberg,Steve Jobs,Oprah Winfrey,Bill Gates..

But then I remember Emma Watson exists!!!enhanced-11562-1407754923-1

I’m still not over the fact that this is how my exam actually happened.


I’m not sure if actually want to check my results when they come online.Ohh,I have to.Though I’m also pretty convinced that this will need to be my long-term plan when finally I’ll get my results.


But basically I’m convinced.It’ll all be fine!And it will be. Probably. Maybe…

PS:Hell no.. While writing the post I got to know that It was a “fake news”!!And actually results will be out after a week !I mean really…All these stress AGAIN!!!



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