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Bring that confidence girl !

We all know how important it is to stay confident and positive to achieve are passionate and have high ambitions .. you want to get those dreams fulfilled 🙂

Dunno worry … the world and not a single thing should stop you from doing that 🙂 I know sometimes it’s difficult . we get depressed .. but we need to stay focused .may be these will help you like they have helped me many a times 🙂

  1. always dream about that position you want to reach :

yes always remind yourself about your dreams 🙂 it keeps you motivated . it keeps you focused.

Image result for gif about dreaming about your goals

2.dress correctly:

i know it may sound silly for  some of the girls . but believe me it works for some .. it helps create the impression other people have of you – and in the professional world, this first impression makes all the difference.

Image result for dress in a smart way  gif

3.keep calm . talk to yourself :

you need these positive reminders to help you stay calm in moments of self-doubt, and we have  in life those moments. the moments of downfall. these words will help you to gain your confidence back .. also meditate.. it keeps you calm . talk to yourself .. help yourself 🙂

Image result for calm and stay focused about your dream gif

4.small things are  important :

Sit straight, walk tall, make eye contact and basically look alert and interested. Body language communicates more than the words. and they tell in a louder  way to the world about your confidence 🙂

Image result for walk tall make eye contact stay confident gif

5. get control over your strengths and weaknesses :

No one can SHOULD them against you!you should be more clear than anyone else about your not-so-strong areas, and what you need to do to make sure you get better at them.

Image result for get control over your strength and weakness gif

6.take small steps:

you know what’s wrong? We make lofty goals, we see them not coming true, we feel like a failure . Here’s what you should do instead – take one small habit that you don’t like about yourself and work towards changing it.

Image result for do take small steps towards your goal gif

7. Stay away rom negativity:

life  f*cks you up, when ever it gets a chances’s full of struggles and ups and downs. you aren’t the first one – just like you won’t be the last. Accept this, learn from your mistakes, drop it in the well of your experience and keep moving forward. it’s not easy for some people .. not at least for me ..but  i always try to move forward .. not to see back ..

Image result for stay away from negativity gif

8.give time to yourself :

Give yourself credit and buy yourself those dresses, lipsticks,novels..- treat yourself like you would expect the world to treat you, and just feel good about yourself. some times go through a DIY spa experience ;)(will be posting about it soon)

Image result for give time to yourself gif

9. Keep good company.

yes it’s important.Cause you become the company you keep – and so you better choose a good one. Not the most popular or the rich ones. you don’t like someone, don’t be with them .. be with the people like you 🙂 make some simple, sober friends ..

Image result for keep good friends to achieve goals gif

10.make a to-do list :

you can’t do all the works in a single day or single  week .. so make a to do list .Ticking things off will make you feel good about yourself, and building confidence is all about being comfortable and happy.

Image result for make a to do list gif

so that’s all .. even sometimes i fail to do it and motivate myself all the times .. but these things work .. yes …to a great extent .. ❤ 🙂


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